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Baseball Brat Badventure (B3 as we shall call it) is a platformer game with some puzzle elements and even some enemies. You play as Brat, the little league baseball player that was transported to some other dimension with strange worlds and baddies. You're just trying to survive by jumping, avoiding obstacles, and sometimes using a baseball bat for good measure.

Each level in B3 has 3 objectives that will award 1 star:

 Find the exit. This is all that is required to unlock the next level.
Collect the 8 Coins located somewhere in each level

Find the Key and open the Treasure Chest in each level

To collect 3 stars and therefore 100% complete a level, you must do so in a single run.

You have 2 extra lives, and dying doesn't count against you for getting 3 stars. Just don't die that 3rd time.

Here are some additional tips to help you succeed in B3:

If a level contains a Checkpoint, you will gain an extra life and respawn from this point if you die.

Hit a Powerup block if available to obtain a special power that lasts the entire level.
Throw a Baseball to do some damage to enemies.
The Baseball Bat is a beast. It can kill most enemies in one swing, break some boxes, and even allow you to hover momentarily!

Slimes are slow and weak. But, they can walk over small gaps.
Skeletons are tough and run fast. But, nothing a Baseball Bat can't take care of.

Bats are tough and can fly.  Watch out for them in high places.

Ghosts can't be killed. (Because they're already dead, right?) They will chase you if you come near them. Just run away and they will give up the chase.

B3 contains 20 levels spread over two worlds (Rookie World and Spooky World). But I plan on adding more levels in the future, especially if there is demand for it. 

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Published 19 days ago
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GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tags1-bit, Playdate, Retro
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This game is dope! Very solid platformer, which this console is in desperate need of. Great work! Worth every penny!


Thanks a lot Kleetus. Glad you are enjoying it!


Great Work!!


Thanks! 😄


Oooo sounds and looks very good and intersting. When im back home i shall purchase and give you my thoughts.......