v1.01 - Day 1 Patch

Alas, a Day 1 patch! Apologies for the number of bugs on release day, but let's hope this update kicks the major ones to the curb.

If you see any new bugs or issues, or you find any of the ones listed were not completely addressed, please feel free to send me a DM on Twitter @Jongjungbu or Discord Jongjungbu#4079 with the details, screenshots and/or video, and I will get right on it. You can also simply make a comment here or on the itch game page as well.

Much appreciated!

v1.01 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game with the crank undocked will open the map as soon as the cutscene ends. Now the map will be restricted until after the first tutorial message.
  • Fixed a bug where the Robo Golem boss' arm may appear in the adjacent room if you exited quickly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Fiery Hallway where falling in the pits could leave you trapped, stuck, or the lava ball fails to damage you. Also added a warning dialogue upon entering the room that indicates you cannot stand next to lava balls as they fly up or you will be burned.
  • Implemented a fix for the game crashing when walking into monsters in certain situations (such as the first enemy encountered). You may see a very slight delay after being attacked where you are paralyzed and cannot move.
  • Implemented a fix for some rare instances where you fail to regain control of player input after being damaged.
  • Implemented a fix for player movement issues and visual artifacts when dying after falling on top of a monster. You "should" now be damaged and fall off to one side of the monster (or die) if you try to drop down on them like Mario. So don't do it! :D 

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