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A Helios Universe entry into the PlayJam 2 weekend event. 

Crown of Zephyr (CoZ) is a mini-adventure game with a mystery to solve.  Set as a prequel to The Wizard's Apprentice and Castle Heliosadventure as King Solus, before he became king and before he became emperor, on his quest for the Crown of Zephyr. Legend says the wearer of this crown will become the true ruler of the Olden Kingdom of Zephyros.

CoZ mixes some RPG elements with Choose Your Own Adventure and classic text-based adventures. To reach the Crown of Zephyr, you will need to explore, look closely at your surroundings, use magic spells, use items, combat monsters with your crank, and talk to NPCs.

Having a difficult time in combat?

  • Start over in Easy Crank Mode.
  • Stick to fighting Lyzards first in the areas closest to the Entrance.
  • Use Fireball first to soften up enemies. SP recovers slowly by walking.
  • Drink a potion. You don't lose a turn for doing so, and you can get more.
  • Look for a new weapon or armor.
  • Level up to 2 or 3 before attempting Rockshells or higher.

Stuck on advancing the story?

  • Revisit areas you've explored before.
  • Use the Look command to check details you may have overlooked.
  • Try a different spell in an area you hadn't before.
  • Talk to NPCs again. They may have something different to say the next time.
  • Look for unique items that could help you advance your quest.

How to play?

There are two ways you can play Crown of Zephyr.

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GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags1-bit, Playdate, Retro


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Fantastic adventure game. I tried to drop my iron armor at the castle guards and the game crashed. I assume I was not supposed to do that. :D

Looking forward to playing more!


Whoops! Looks like you caught a bug. It was just suppose to deny you being able to drop it with a message that you will need it. Looks like I have a bug to fix. Thanks for catching that one. :)